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International Martial Arts TRAINING CENTER in Mesa Arizona

Welcome to Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai (photo by Ken Knight, 2006).
HALL OF FAME martial artist and grandmaster, Soke Hausel, opened the doors to a world training center for Traditional Okinawa Martial Arts at the southern border of Mesa Arizona with Gilbert and Chandler in 2008 after moving to the 'land of triple digit temperatures' in 2006. The lease was signed almost the day the US economy collapsed, and it has been an uphill battle to make ends meet. Even though the economy never recovered from 2008 through the present (2016), we plan to grow and educate the Arizona public about the benefits of traditional Okinawa martial arts including karate, kobudo, and self-defense.

In particular, we hope to introduce karate and kobudo to more school teachers, librarians and schools in the Phoenix valley. Any attack on a school teacher by a student or a parent should be of great concern to all of us, as these people are an authority in a classroom and deserve great respect. By teaching school teachers karate - they are armed and can defend themselves if ever attacked, and learning karate also provides them with self-confidence. In addition to teaching karate to Arizona's school teachers, we have also gone to various high schools and presented demonstrations where the students and teachers participated in karate training.

After teaching martial arts for the past 40 years at the University of Utah, University of New Mexico, University of Wyoming and Arizona State University, Hausel decided to open a Hombu dojo (world headquarters) for teaching Arizona Shorin-Ryu karate at the NE corner of Baseline and MacDonald (60 W Baseline Center) to teach Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai, self-defense, and traditional Samurai martial arts.
Hall of Fame martial
artist, Soke Hausel

Our classes at the Arizona Hombu dojo, which incorporates the Arizona School of Traditional Karate, focuses on adults and families in the Phoenix valley. In addition to local residents from the Phoenix Valley, periodically, students from around the US as well as around the world train at the center. While teaching martial arts for 3 decades at the University of Wyoming, grandmaster Hausel instructed students and faculty from many countries in the world and taught self-defense to local law enforcement, EMT, ROTC cadets, military, church and civic groups and black belts from other schools.

After opening the Mesa karate school in Arizona, Soke Hausel greeted students from Wyoming and India who traveled to Arizona to train. Members of the India Karate Team from the Police DAV school in Jalandhar, India traveled from the slopes of the Himalaya Mountains to the United States to train in karate, kobudo, and jujutsu. This was followed by karate groups visiting from Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Boston. We are looking forward to visits from other martial artists from Utah, Wyoming, India, Vietnam and Greece.

Hombu Entrance at MacDonald and
Baseline in Mesa, Arizona.
The karate students from India arrived in Phoenix with their team manager in 2008 and began training the next day in Mesa. This was the first trip outside of India for nearly all of the students. They were selected from the school’s student body of more than 5,500 because of their dedication to karate (karate is part of the school’s curriculum).

The school plans to send more groups in the future, so the students can experience a foreign country and obtain proper certification in martial arts. The students trained in both karate and kobudo. The kobudo arts taught to the India karate students included bo (6-foot staff), nunchaku, hanbo. The group also trained in self-defense and several kata (forms) as well as philosophy of martial arts.

Students from India Karate Team pose with Soke Hausel at the
Arizona Hombu in Mesa.
Grandmaster Hausel was honored at the end of the clinic with announcement that he had been selected by Dr. J.M. Evans, director of the International Research board for the distinct honor as the 2008 MAN OF THE YEAR (which he turned down) and for inclusion into Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World, and Who's Who in Science and Engineering for his contributions to Martial Arts, Geological Sciences, and Public Speaking.

Soke Dai Eric Hausel, 5th dan, visits
Arizona Hombu in Mesa.
The Hombu also welcomed Soke-Dai Eric Hausel who stopped in from Parker, Colorado. He brought his wife Jodie, and we had a great visit.

The Hombu was visited by members of Utah Shorin-Kai from Murray Utah for a few days of training. An old friend and member from many years ago, George Mumford and his daughter Elaine, flew in from Boston for training. Elaine is from Switzerland. At the end of training, George Mumford was promoted to Shodan (1st degree black belt) and Elaine was promoted to Kukyu (9th Kyu) yellow belt.

Eric and Jodie Hausel at the Japanese
Friendship Gardens in Phoenix.
We also had a group of outstanding martial artists from Cheyenne, Wyoming and Wellington Colorado fly in for special training at the Mesa-Gilbert, Hombu.Following training with knife (tanto) defensive and offensive techniques, the members from Colorado and Wyoming tested for rank. Kevin Vance from Cheyenne was promoted to Godan (5th degree black belt) and certified as Shihan (master), Glenn Polk from Cheyenne was promoted to Yondan (4th degree black belt) and certified as Shihan-Dai. Neal Adam from Phoenix was promoted to Yondan (4th degree black belt) and certified as Shihan-Dai. (Since this visit, Dr. Adam has been promoted to Rokudan (6th dan) and certified as Dai-Shihan. Dr. Adam is a professor at Grand Canyon University).
Left to Right - Sensei Kyle Linton (Wellington, Colorado), Shihan-Dai Glenn Polk (Cheyenne, Wyoming),
Kevin Vance (Cheyenne, Wyoming) & Soke Hausel (Gilbert, Arizona)

Members of the Utah Shorin-Kai train at the Hombu on the Gilbert-Mesa
border, Arizona in 2011.

Left to Right - Sensei Kyle Linton (Wellington, Colorado), Shihan Kevin Vance (Cheyenne, Wyoming), Soke, Shihan-
Dai Glenn Polk (Cheyenne, Wyoming), and Shihan-Dai Neal Adam (Phoenix, Arizona).
In 2010, the Hombu was visited by Jaissy Rayat and Dilbag Singh from India as well as the Utah Shorin-Kai.  Members of the Arizona club received promotions including Jim and Austin Boubelik, Jacob Leonard and Satish Andalam (9th kyu - yellow belt), Morgan (8th Kyu - yellow belt), Naghmeh Saghafi, Nathaniel and Ethan (7th kyu - blue belt), Houssam Abbas (5th kyu - green belt), Dan Lang (2nd kyu - brown belt), Bill Borea (1st dan - black belt). In addition, Kyle Gewecke tested under Soke in Gillette, Wyoming and was promoted to 4th dan/Shihan-Dai. Paula Borea was certified in Okinawan Bojutsu. Bill Borea was certified in Iaido (katana or samurai sword). More recently, Bill and Paula Borea were promoted to Nidan (2nd degree black belt) and certified as Sensei (Instructors).

Members of the Utah Shorin-Kai visit Mesa Hombu in 2012.

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Our training center is open to the public - we focus on Adults and Families. Come learn the traditions of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. Much of the class is conducted in both Japanese and English to help students learn Japanese. We also teach meditation, philosophy and martial arts history interjected in karate classes. Our schedule is set up so you can drive home, have dinner, and then come train with us.

Members of Matsumura-Seiyo Shorin-Ryu Karate train with members of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu at the Arizona Hombu 
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