Thursday, May 16, 2013

Karate Experts Train at Traditional Martial Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona

We welcomed yudansha (black belts) and senpai (senior students) from the Utah Shorin-Kai from Murray, Utah to the Arizona Hombu in Mesa. The Utah martial artists flew to Phoenix to train in advanced martial arts techniques and hanbo on May 3rd and May 4th, 2013. The Utah martial artists arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor from Salt Lake International airport on Friday morning and checked into a motel in Chandler near the Arizona martial arts training center at the border of Gilbert and Mesa (Baseline and MacDonald). Friday evening, the group led by Kyoshi Rob Watson, 8th dan, arrived at the martial arts facility and exchanged hugs, handshakes and greetings with members of the Arizona School of Traditional Karate and Soke Hausel, grandmaster of Seiyo Shorin-Ryu.

Jeff Schroeder uses hanbo to block strike by Kim Schroeder at the Arizona Hombu (NemecPhotos).
With greetings exchanged, the martial artists bowed in and began training with hanbo. The hanbo is essentially a 3-foot bo (stick) often seen carried by ninja or jujutsuka. Weapons similar to hanbo include tonfa, nitanbo and kioga. The kioga, also referred to as kibo, is a common tool of law enforcement agents referred to as ASP or expandable baton. The difference between use of the hanbo and kioga is that the hanbo is always of the same length. The difference between training between law enforcement officials and martial artists is that law enforcement training is very limited. But martial artists never end training of the tool and use it to activate pressure points and use it for blocks, strikes, restraints and throws. Following two hours of training with hanbo, the group retired until the next morning.

On Saturday morning, training began in advanced empty hand (karate) techniques. These included blocks, strikes, chokes, throws and restraints. The group trained for five hours before the clinic ended. At the end, Kyoshi Rob Watson, 8th dan and Renshi Todd Stoneking, 6th dan, presented gifts to Soke Hausel. Members of Arizona and Utah said their goodbyes and it was the consensus that time went by too fast. Soke Hausel will travel to Utah in the fall for the Utah gassuku (adverse training) at the East Canyon resort near Park City.

Professional photographs of the martial artists and martial arts at the Hombu clinic were provided by NemecPhotos. We are very thankful and appreciated by the excellent quality of the photography at this year’s clinic.