Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Samurai Arts and Shorin-Ryu Karate at the Arizona Hombu dojo, Mesa, Arizona

The Arizona Hombu - The World Headquarters of Seiyo no Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai
Classes at the Arizona Hombu Martial Arts School include training in samurai arts such as the use of samurai sword known as katana. This is the classical weapon of the Japanese martial art of iaido (fast-draw samurai sword) and kenjutsu (pragmatic applications). But before you start training in any martial art, particularly in Arizona, be sure you know everything possible about the instructor, school, etc., because there are many martial arts instructors with very questionable certifications. Instructors like Soke Hausel at the Arizona Hombu Karate School in Mesa, displays copies of his certifications for all to inspect.

Hausel, the school's headmaster, is not only a certified soke (grandmaster) by the Zen Kokusai Soke Budo Bugei Renmei in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Kobudo, but he is also a certified shihan (master) of a group of samurai and other martial arts of Juko Kai. He is a member of other prestigious martial arts associations including a council member of the U.S. Soke Council and a member of several Halls-of-Fame and Who's Who compendiums. Thus, no matter what rank; his students never get bored because Soke Hausel continues teaching new and old techniques and new and old martial arts. His students have access to more than a half-century of traditional martial arts experience and knowledge to draw from.

Other arts taught in the Arizona Samurai classes at the Arizona Hombu dojo include hanbo (3-foot staff), jujutsu (throwing arts), naginata (pole arm), sojutsu (yari or Japanese spear), kusari fundo, aka, manriki gusari (weighted chain), hojojutsu (rope restraining), tanto (knife), tsue (cane)bo (6-foot staff), kubotan or tebo (short stick), bokken (wooden sword) and modern weapons such as the Asp or kioga (expandable baton). These are just the samurai arts taught by Soke Hausel at the Arizona martial arts school

Soke Hausel's primary expertise is in Shorin-Ryu Karate and the Arizona students at the Arizona Hombu dojo are treated to a variety of basic techniques and exercises as well as many kata (martial arts forms) and hundreds of practical street applications from the kata. Soke Hausel taught traditional karate for more than 4 decades at four different universities. His philosophy is to try to teach the same technique in as many of different ways as possible so that the Arizona karate students do not get bored. 

Because there is so much repetition in martial arts, it is easy for Westerners to get bored. Grandmaster Hausel also tries to teach his students to develop one-punch knockouts so that if they are ever attacked, the fight should be quickly over. And because he teaches Shorin-Ryu Karate, he also teaches a few of his students shitai kori (body hardening). For those who become interested in this part of Shorin-Ryu Karate, because of his affiliation with Juko Kai, he invites them to attend clinics where they can gain special training in kijutsu from the world's best at Juko Kai International.

Grandmaster Hausel is also known for his extensive expertise in kobudo - the art of Okinawan weapons. Here, his Arizona students have the opportunity to learn to use dozens of traditional Okinawan weapons that were derived from Okinawan merchant, fishing, and farm tools from the past as well as the present.

The Arizona self-defense classes taught at the Arizona Hombu dojo in Mesa are designed for adults and families. Grandmaster Hausel taught karate, kobudo, samurai arts, jujutsu, and self-defense classes at the University of Wyoming for more than 3 decades and taught self-defense to various military groups, school teachers, university groups, women's clubs and church groups. After moving to Arizona, Soke Hausel even taught self-defense to women's groups, girl scouts and even the Chandler librarians. In these Arizona self-defense classes, Soke Hausel teaches his Arizona students in self-defense techniques including defense against a gun, knife, club, rifle, etc. 

The clientele for Grandmaster Hausel's martial arts classes are adults. Adult martial arts and karate classes can focus on fast and powerful techniques. But Grandmaster Hausel often has adult students that have limitations, so he takes these into account in order to keep everyone safe.  The reason for focusing on adult classes is because Grandmaster Hausel has taught nearly his entire life at universities - to university students, faculty and staff. He has very limited experience with kids. In addition, most traditional Okinawan martial arts restrict teaching to members who are 16 and older. 

But because of the dangers in society, Soke Hausel has opened his classes to families - in other words, mentally mature children (10 and above) can train with their parents in his classes. But these kids must always be accompanied by their parent(s).